I’m a lifelong resident of Fairfax County and a proud product of our wonderful Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) system. I need your support and vote this year for my candidacy to fill the open seat for Member At-Large on the Fairfax County School Board

I’m running for Fairfax County School Board At-Large because I will work for an inclusive and equitable FCPS that provides every student with a quality education.

I’m a second-generation graduate of FCPS who has spent the past ten years serving families and building relationships countywide, bringing real change to our schools’ policies that have helped both students and families.

We all want better education for our children and for the future generations of Fairfax County—but we can’t do it without actively getting involved. 

Today, I need your support to represent the needs of all the residents of Fairfax County on our School Board.

Will you stand with me?


Meet Abrar Omeish




I have 10 years of proven experience working with local communities, parents, teachers, and students.




Built a youth-led non-profit involving 5,000+ affiliates that has been providing free tutoring and mentorship in 20 locations over 10 years.



Student Human Rights Commission

Engaged representatives from each high school to lead campaigns with school counselors on mental health, bullying, and inclusion. 


Co-Chair, Appointee

School Board Advisory Committees

  • Co-chair, Human Resources

  • Superintendent Selection

  • Advanced Academics

  • Ad Hoc Student Discipline




Advised the superintendent alongside 100 students on tech and 21st century learning. 


County-led Campaign

Anti-bullying Policy “Bring It On”

Amended county policy on bullying with 12-step FCPS administration plan.


Political Roles

  • Senior Organizer, DNC

  • Founder, Robinson HS Young Dems

  • Delegate, VA Dems Convention

  • Phone banking trainer, Obama campaign

  • Former Co-President, HS Young Dems


Local Leadership Support


I am a trusted, accessible, and open-minded advocate with backing from community, local, and national leadership.


Senator Tim Kaine

U.S. Senator, (D-VA)

“I am proud to endorse my friend Abrar Omeish for Fairfax County School Board At-Large. Her strong sense of integrity and proven commitment to service will serve the students, teachers, and families of Fairfax County well. I know Abrar will fight to strengthen Fairfax County Public Schools, and I encourage you to support her on November 5.”

Atif Qarni.jpg

Atif Qarni

Virginia Secretary of Education

“Abrar Omeish gets it when it comes to closing the achievement gap by providing high-quality education for all students. Equity and Excellence for our education system is a must”

“Abrar, you [send] a really big statement today to all of us that you care about students, you care about their voices, and you listen to them, so thank you.”


Del. Ken Plum

VA Delegate, (D-36)

“I am happy to endorse Abrar Omeish for Fairfax County School Board. As a former teacher within Fairfax County Public Schools myself, I know that Abrar will be an amazing advocate for the teachers and students of FCPS. Her tenacity and dedication are inspiring and I look forward to seeing the work she accomplishes on the school board.”


Rep. Jennifer Wexton

U.S. Representative (D-VA 10)

I am proud to endorse Abrar Omeish for Fairfax County School Board At-Large. Abrar will fight hard to ensure every student in Fairfax County has access to the best education possible. Her commitment to public service, impressive work ethic and strong platform will make her a wonderful addition to the School Board.


Sen. Janet Howell

VA Senator (D-32)

I am proud to endorse Abrar Omeish for Fairfax County School Board At-Large. I have been thrilled to see Abrar’s dedication to mental health issues within FCPS, an issue that I have worked hard on during my time in the VA Senate. Abrar understands how critical it is to foster the social and emotional well-being of students. I cannot wait to see the work I know she will be able to accomplish on the school board.


Del. Karrie Delaney

VA Delegate, (D-67)

“I am proud to endorse Abrar Omeish for School Board. Abrar has proven to be a dedicated leader and advocate for our students. Abrar will bring a fresh and needed perspective to the School Board and will help us in progressing Fairfax forward.”


Supervisor Kathy Smith

Sully District, Board of Supervisors

“I support Abrar Omeish for Fairfax County School Board At-Large because I know that Abrar will fight for every single child, regardless of their background, race, or gender.”


Indivisible Virginia 11

Political Activist Group

“Indivisible Virginia 11 endorses Abrar E. Omeish for one of the three seats for At-Large Members on the Fairfax County Public School Board. Ms. Omeish is well poised to provide an inclusive and equitable as well as quality education for Fairfax County students.”


Solar on the Schools

Environmental Activist Group

“Abrar has demonstrated environmental stewardship and willingness to lead on this issue, which aligns with our mission toward sustainability and energy efficiency in Fairfax County Public Schools.”


Del. Mark Levine

VA Delegate, (D-45)

I’m pleased to endorse Abrar Omeish for School Board. She has demonstrated a strong willingness to be transparent and responsive, mixing her progressive values with pragmatic solutions to implement the best practices so that every student has the opportunity to access her or his full potential.


Del. Paul Krizek

VA Delegate, (D-44)

“It is my honor to endorse Abrar Omeish for School Board. Like me, she is a proud graduate of our Fairfax County School system. I know that she will play a key role on the board working for pragmatic solutions to issues. Abrar will fight for teachers and students within Fairfax County and ensure that every community group is heard and brought to the table when making decisions.”

Chairman Bulova.jpg

Sharon Bulova

Chairman, Board of Supervisors

“I dearly hope that she is successful. I think she’ll be a star, a superstar for us in Fairfax County.”


Fairfax Education Association

Teachers’ Union

“Abrar’s energy and spark coupled with her passion for public education makes her a good choice for the School Board. Being a product of Fairfax schools and being the current co-chair of HRAC, Abrar knows our teachers. She will work hard to give them the resources they need to deliver the best education possible for every student in the county.”


“Abrar Omeish is an extraordinary example of what the future can be for all of us. This is a young woman who is not only highly intelligent and well-educated, but has the courage of her convictions. I know because she worked for me and stood out as a person with all the characteristics of leadership that you could possibly hope to find in a person of her age. I strongly endorse her for the School Board because she both has the perspective of the students but the maturity of the parents and administrators.”

“[She] is an extraordinary example of what the future can be for all of us. I strongly endorse her for the School Board because she both has the perspective of the students but the maturity of the parents and administrators.”

Jim Moran


“Abrar brings an amazing enthusiasm for improving the education of children in Fairfax County.”

Jim McBride



“Abrar combines passion, intelligence, hard work, and deep experience with Fairfax County Public Schools. I could not be more excited to support her campaign for School Board. I look forward to voting for her at the Democratic Endorsement meeting this spring and in the election next fall”

Andrew Pavord

Precinct Captain


“Abrar’s star shines so brightly on everything she does and touches.”

Alicia Plerhoples

“She is smart, understands the issues public school students face, and will bring to fruition solutions for students and faculty alike. We are fortunate to have such a high quality candidate!”

Jo Marie Griesgraber

“I wholeheartedly believe the Abrar has what it takes to ensure that every child in the FCPS system gets access to all the opportunities to ensure the best possible education is attained”

Remaz Abdelgader


“I am so happy that Abrar is running!”

Lindsey Davis Stover

“I’m totally behind Abrar”

Linda Sperling


“Although she may be young, Abrar is the co-chair of the Human Resources Advisory Committee, President of the Superintendent's Advisory Council for FCPS, serves on 3 different school board committees, and also co-founded the youth-led, youth-run non-profit organization GIVE”

Wasim Entabi


“I will admit that I was initially skeptical of her age, as I am sure many of you are. But listening to her answer the questions, I was impressed with her knowledge of a wide range of topics facing the school board today”

“Abrar has a passion that is not matched by any of the other candidates. She had a passion to educate our children our ensure that FCPS (which is already the best school system in Virginia) becomes even better”

Christopher Schaffer


“Abrar Omeish is a 24-year-old recent graduate of Yale who went through the FCPS system. She has shown that she is an impressive progressive advocate and her leadership would be a welcome addition to the board”

Patrick Hope


“Abrar was a strong advocate for students when she herself was an FCPS student, chairing the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council. She served on the school board’s advanced academic committee, the student discipline committee, and the superintendent search committee. After graduation from FCPS, she studied political science at Yale. She has been endorsed by former Rep. Jim Moran, and now by me”

Dan Press


“I support Abrar because I’m 100% confident that she sincerely cares about the quality of education that my nieces, nephews, my neighbors children, and all children receive, as well as wants what’s best for our current generation of children and many more to come”

Adam Abutaa


“Enthusiasm, experience, motivation.  Abrar is exactly what the Fairfax County school board needs. Abrar is dedicated to improving the experience of every child in our school system regardless of where they live”

“Despite her young age, she has over a decade of experience working with our school board.  She would bring a much-needed voice for the disadvantaged within the school system, and has a demonstrated track record of working collaboratively to build consensus to achieve progress. I am strongly supporting Abrar for School Board, and I hope you will too.”  

Ken Wheeler


Community Support


“Highly educated, motivated, and strongly committed to the cause of public education.”


“Abrar is extremely passionate and capable. She already has demonstrated commitment to education in Fairfax County through leadership and entrepreneurship.”

“She is passionate about issues that affect the most marginalized people in our communities, and she is a champion for equity!”


“One of the most talented emerging leaders in NoVA who has great ideas about how to fix the school system, allocate the $3bn. budget and will stay true to core principles that will help close the achievement gap, raise teacher's wages, and focus on mental health early on. Proud to support Abrar for School Board Candidate!”

“A representation of our diverse community.”


“Highly educated, enormously inspiring, absolutely motivated and greatly committed to every kind of education!”


“Abrar is a fierce advocate for the community with her strong passion. Abrar is very driven and she always gets the job done in her community”


Learn about my platform for FCPS that provides every student with a quality education.