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Abrar Omeish’s Platform

When it comes to school issues in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), I will work for an inclusive and equitable system that provides every child with a quality education.


Equity • Mental Health

Teacher & Staff Support • Budget Management


Employing a targeted universalism approach to policy and implementation.

Prioritizing steps to bridge achievement gaps (AAP centers, TJ, boundaries, misc. funding).

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Improving student / counselor ratios.

Incentivizing SGA/SCA campaigns on bullying/suicide prevention.

Partnering with non-profit and local organizations for affordable professional support.

Expanding peer mediation groups.


Focusing on improving teacher morale.

Ensuring fair hiring and treatment.

Seeking solutions to pay teachers with the dignity of the profession.


Re-employing zero-based budgeting.

Developing public and community partnerships for services and support.

Expanding private partnerships through the work of the foundation.

Adjusting for federal grants (e.g. Title One, Environment).


I have a bold, value-driven vision that sets a new standard for public service.

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